Who am I?

I am a freelance writer, proofreader and content writer based in the UK. Available to hire today, I write engaging articles, opinion editorials, product descriptions and blog posts. I specialise in writing about social issues and our political landscape, although I am open to learning about topics outside of my usual scope.

I am also the founder, Editor-in-chief and Creative Director of Omisté magazine, which is available for perusal here.

I am currently taking on both unpaid and paid work at this time!

Why me?

I can create attention-grabbing, immersive content to benefit you and your business. I’ve been featured multiple times in SORJO magazine, a publication that had a reach of over 60,000 readers globally before it was discontinued. With UnitedKpop, I wrote opinion editorials on a fortnightly basis to a following of approximately 11,000 readers, for over a year. My articles consistently received high levels of social media engagement on multiple platforms. I did this remotely, proving that I have a strict sense of self-discipline, can produce exciting content to fixed deadlines and I can connect to people from around the world through my work.